Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre

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Summerhaven Wind Energy Center

Development on the Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre began in 2006. This project, located in Haldimand County, has a maximum generating capacity of up to 124 megawatts, enough energy for approximately 32,000 homes in Ontario.  The project is owned by Cordelio Power and Axium Infrastructure (51% and 49% respectively) and their subsidiaries; it is operated by NextEra Energy Canadian Operating Services, Inc.

Location:Haldimand County, Ontario
Number of Turbines:59
Turbine Technology:Siemens SWT-2.221
Project Capacity:124 MW
Commercial Operation:August 2013

Contact Information: For more information, please send inquiries to or call 647-352-9533.

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Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre Immission Audit Report

Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre Immission Audit Report

RWDI # 1400190

Post-Construction Shadow Flicker Assessment
Television Reception Survey
Ontario Energy Board - Application for Feed-in Tariff Program Licence
Emergency Action Plan
Project Modifications, January 2015
Construction Reports
Decommissioning Reports
Design and Operations Report
Design Refinement Report
Project Description Report
Site Plan Report
Turbine Specifications Report