Moraine Sands Wind Project

(Neighboring Glacier Sands wind farm in Mason County)
(Neighboring Glacier Sands wind farm in Mason County)

Moraine Sands Wind Farm

Hello Mason County!

Welcome to the website for the Moraine Sands wind farm. This soon-to-be-built project represents the combined efforts and participation from a large group of county residents, whom Cordelio Power is proud to work with.

This website is established to provide communications between Cordelio and all county residents and other interested people. We will be posting updates here as to onsite activities occurring, when turbine construction activities will begin, and other noteworthy posts.

As well, this serves as a place to let us know your thoughts, concerns or questions related to the wind farm. Please see the contact information below, which will be closely followed by the wind farm team.

We look forward to bringing more benefits from our natural resource, wind power, to the county.

Here are the key technical aspects of the project:

Location:Mason County, Illinois
Number of Turbines:38
Turbine Technology:Vestas V150-4.5 Series
Project Capacity:165 MW
Scheduled Operation:November 2023

Contact Information: For more information, please send inquiries to

Illinois Chorus Frog Incidental Take Authorization
Link to Mason County Special Use Permit